Coronavirus in the HMO- What should you do?

HMO and the Coronavirus.

Naturally, with a HMO it may mean that the risk of infection spreading is greater.  It goes without saying that, common sense is key.
Try to remain in your own room as much as possible-


  • Plates
  • Knives and forks
  • Towels
  • Cups
  • Glasses

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In the case of any tenant that is self-isolating, you should create a rota system in communal areas. The individual that is self-isolating should be the last person to use facilities and cleans areas thoroughly. They must also avoid using the same towels etc as other tenants.

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Visitors and/or workers must be informed prior to arrival that a tenant is self-isolating. The same rules apply for any property inspections.
Ensure that your property has notices with relevant contact details and guidelines in communal areas.

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It is important that landlords keep up-to-date with the all of the government guidance.  The risk level from Coronavirus has already been raised from low to moderate and the advice will likely change with greater restrictions imposed should things escalate.

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If you have doubts or concerns, you can contact us via email:  or telephone: 01482 351351

Stay safe, wash your hands, use a tissue when coughing and avoid touching your face!